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Your web application will push the boundaries of today's Web into a new era of superior online experience to delight your customers.

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Our obsession is to establish you as a leader in your industry's place on the internet.

A dedicated team of Vancouver's best and brightest, with decades of experience building modern software solutions, we are the ones for the job.


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HCB is a free, simple to use comments widget used by tens of thousands of small businesses, hobbyists, non-profits, and others.

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Ecotrust is a non-profit in BC, Canada with a focus on commercial fisheries and First Nations land use, title and rights. We have developed ThisFish traceability software, Electronic commerical fishery monitoring software, web based atlases and an ebook reader.

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Mr. B-Listed is web based real estate brokerage that aims to make it accessible, safe and affordable to sell real estate for sale by owner.

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EmerGeo needed help with specialized javascript programming on their software.

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We help Shift Online with custom web back end coding for large scale ecommerce using Django.

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Real-time shift scheduling and take-a-number web applications.

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We write a lot of code for other local developers. Is your team missing a javascript ninja or backend guru? We can help!


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